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Welcome to the Columbus Technical College Library: Copyright Information

Copyright Information

The Library aspires to provide some legal information resources to inform users regarding copyright law. The Library does so in good faith to encourage patrons to utilize library materials in a responsible and legal manner. Please direct any questions you have on copyright law to a lawyer or other qualified subject matter expert. The Library cannot offer legal advice in these matters.

General Links for Information

For Students

Students often misappropriate work as their own mistakenly though plagiarism. Plagiarism can be easily avoided. These are a small selection of resources.

Students may be tempted to scan copies of works for educational or research purposes. Here is some information to be made aware of if you wish to copy materials.

For Faculty

Faculty may be tempted to copy resources and distribute them to their students using section 107 on Fair Use. Please be aware that there are some limitations on Fair Use. These are some resources to help establish the legality of utilizing resources in the classroom.

Other Links